Pink Zebra Sprinkles – A Family Affair

Pink Zebra Event Display
My daughter Jenna and I in our Pink Zebra display booth at the Annual Founders Day Festival in Seymour CT

One of the things I like most about my Pink Zebra business, (and there are many!) is that it is so family friendly. My daughters and I love to do events together. I think it is great to teach our kids the value of owning your own business. Letting your children see you in action and to see share in your success is the best education they can get, Knowing that they can be successful and work for themselves teaches them true independence. They learn the value of money, how to talk to customers and how to sell not only the product but the brand. My whole family is involved with Pink Zebra. My husband Allan is also an Executive Manager with the company. We set up at events together and attend corporate events together. Working together as a family is extremely rewarding.


Pink Zebra sprinkles are such a fun product. Everyone loves to work with them. Both kids and adults love to create their own unique fragrances by mixing and matching different scents. The sprinkles make is so each to create your own custom fragrances. Our simmering light shades and liners also give our customers a chance to create their own custom decor. Each combination of shades and liners can create a different mood to decorate your home. Pink Zebras product line is truly unique and allows our customers the chance to showcase that. After all no one zebra stripes are the same! The company truly stands by this concept and allows us to show our own individuality.

If you would like to join a family friendly company give me a call or visit my website at It starts with a small $99 investment and the business can be yours!


Questions? You can reach me at 877-466-8449


pink zebra sprinkles bar
Pink Zebra sprinkles bar